Thank You & Wedding Pictures

Well, the wedding is done. We had a great weekend and a great wedding. We could not have had as much fun if it weren't for everyone. Thank You.

Below are links to our two galleries. One goes to pictures sized and watermarked for social media like facebook and twitter. Peruse and share the social media pictures to your hearts content. Clicking on an image icon will display the full image and give you options in the lower right.

The second link is every picture that we currently have. If you have any you would like us to post. Just send them to us. The photos under "All Wedding Photos" can be saved by clicking on the download icon in the lower right. Really really tiny icon of an arrow pointing at a bar. DO NOT right-click and "Save as" because you save the icon and not the actual image. Actual sized images are designed to be printed no larger than 8x12. Any larger will loose quality. Please do not share any of the "All Wedding Photos" on social media. That is what the social media photos are for.

Photos for Social Media

All Wedding Photos

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Password: RachelleEricksonRebeccaNJosh

Invitations Sent

Please send RSVP no later than July 1st 2014. We are working on using the RSVP cards at our wedding and need them early enough for it to work properly. Please take the time to fill out the right side with your attendance (or non-attendance) information. Our address and a stamp should already be on the card. Now, on the left side, please write something special. In can be anything. A fond memory, well wishes for our future, or anything else nice and from the heart. These will be collected into a keepsake. Treat it like a wedding's guest book. We purposely did this with the RSVP so that even those unable to attend the wedding will have the ability to write us something nice. Have fun with it!

The Dress code of the wedding is pretty slack, but considered Semi-Casual or above. What that means is you can wear dress pants and dress shirt if you want. You can wear a full suit and tie if you want. You can wear a Tux if you want. You can even wear stormtrooper armor if you want, but you'll feel really out of place. There will be a photographer, so remember, pictures can be laughed at forever.

Registry and Gifts

Information on best gift ideas and our registry can be found at the appropriately named link on the banner. Please read the entire page so that we can get our point across properly. If you have any questions you can always talk to us about it, but I think the webpage explains everything that is needed.

Save The Date!

Save The Date!

We've sent out the save the date cards!

Hopefully that has led you to this website. If you did not receive one, please let me know. You can also click the image for a larger version. Rebecca made the image in photoshop from a Warehouse 13 poster she found. I did the easy part and added the text with the swirley font. We printed them all out on photo paper along with the addressed envelopes. Each envelope received a specially handpicked Harry Potter Stamp straight from Orlando Florida. It all came together nicely and we're very proud of our cheapness. I mean accomplishment.

I will be posting relevant information to the wedding on this website as it comes in. I am hoping this will act as an easy answer to any questions all the guests may have. Of course, it is not all available right now because I have not written it. Make sure to keep checking the website though. I am guessing updates will occur once a month, but more often as the wedding gets closer.

Also, feel free to point out any information that may be missing. A lot of the standard information is being worked on, but I'd like to know what you think.

Location page is active

I finished the location page today. Basically, its all the information for where the wedding will be held and planning your trip. It has a map centered on the Useless Bay Country Club, Hotel (on and off island) information, rental car information, airport to island shuttle prices, and a link to the ferry schedule.

If anyone has any information they would like me to add (or should be removed), just let Rebecca or myself know. I'll go over the information and do whats necessary.